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About Project

All the partners involved in the project are facing complex educational contexts especially related to students at risk of exclusion (where the traditional way of teaching is no longer effective) and they have two main common needs: the need to empower students with the necessary skills to be successful in their future professional lives and the need to build a more tolerant and inclusive society.

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The Project Aims

Consequently, the aims of our project WISH are:
-To raise an awareness for the importance of social inclusion among the youngsters
-To help students gain 21st century skills by using the project based learning approach
-To support personal and professional development of teaching staff in order to improve their methodology on 21st century skills and inclussiveness of their students from different marginal groups such as: refugees, immigrants, and handicapped people.

The Project Vision

Students will:
– do some research about the current state of affairs regarding social exclusion in their countries
– brainstorm, discuss and decide on the activities they are going to design
– make a budget and draw the timeline of the implementation
– establish the relevant criteria to evaluate their project
– implement the projects at their partner schools
– disseminate the results of their SI projects


Project in numbers
Students learning participants
Teachers training participants
Accompanying persons
99 850
Total grant

Latest News

Here are the links to various graphics and videos, articles and outputs of the WISH project. Enjoy!

Presentations for free download

All the presentations are free to download form the WISH project webpage right here. You can choose from the three main topics such as the 21st-Century Skills, Project-Based Learning and …